PKI Solutions – A Personal Journey and Trusted Business Solution

Last summer while on lockdown along with the rest of the world, I was presented with an opportunity to work for PKI Solutions, a global leader in PKI consulting and professional services based in Portland, OR.  At the time, I was managing my sales and marketing business and considered taking on more work. There was something very intriguing and interesting about this space and I was eager to find out more. 

My career to date focused on print and digital advertising sales, working for tech companies, fintech, healthcare – but never cybersecurity.  I knew this was a growing industry and I wanted to be a part of it.  Impressed by the leadership, enthusiastic about the direction of the company, and excited about the opportunity, I joined in June as Client Relationship Manager handling global sales. I knew there would be a technical learning curve, so I immersed myself in the technology, determined to master everything I could about PKI.  I enrolled in the online company courses, then attended internal training sessions, and of course read and absorbed everything possible.

PKI is complex. It is also part of the core security infrastructure for many organizations around the world. Most people have no idea what PKI is, or what it does for that matter. Unless you work in IT or cybersecurity, this term is probably unfamiliar to you. It certainly was to me. As I learned, PKI (public key infrastructure) is a technology primarily used for authenticating users and devices in the digital world.  The role of the PKI is to manage encryption keys and issue certificates.  These digital certificates act like driver’s licenses and create strong identities for people and things. 

Today organizations face growing Cybersecurity threats including ransomware, phishing, brute force attacks, etc.  PKI is a highly effective technology that, when properly deployed, ensures that digital identities are strong and extremely difficult for an adversary to crack. PKI is a critical part of any organization’s security infrastructure, helping establish trusted identities between people, systems, and things. A poorly implemented and documented PKI can cause major issues and put an organization at risk. 

Before you design and deploy a PKI you must establish the risks and determine how to mitigate and control them.  Making sure the PKI is healthy, secure, and properly managed and maintained is imperative. At PKI Solutions we have deep knowledge and experience in all things PKI – Microsoft ADCS, design, and implementation, IoT, mobile security, etc.  Our team has supported organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries throughout the world.  PKI Solutions provides consulting services, training, support services, PKI co-management, and assessments.  Coming up on a year now at PKI Solutions, I have not only gained a wealth of knowledge but also new respect for Cybersecurity.  

Want to know more about PKI Solutions and how we can assist you with your PKI goals and initiatives?  Connect with me on LinkedIn and follow my blog as I share my journey.

About Carolyn Ballo

PKI Solutions Client Relationship Manager - she is responsible for sales, marketing initiatives, and partner relationships. Her expertise is in consultative selling, innovative problem solving, and strategic solutions leveraging a broad range of experience to help clients solve complex security challenges.

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