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Blog February 2, 2024 Awards, Recognizing Excellence

Recognizing Excellence: Mike Bruno and Mark Wilson Shine at PKI Solutions

by Alex Bok

At PKI Solutions, we take pride in acknowledging the outstanding contributions of our team members. This time, we shine a spotlight on two remarkable individuals—Mike Bruno, recipient of the Unsung Hero Award, and Mark Wilson, honored with the Customer Impact Award.

Mike Bruno: The Unsung Hero

Throughout the year, Mike Bruno has exemplified the true essence of an unsung hero. A dedicated team player, Mike consistently delivers exceptional work and support behind the scenes, without seeking recognition. His tireless efforts have made a significant impact on both the team and the company at large.

Mike embodies our company values, particularly the “Quality of work we are proud of” and the “Relentless drive for the success of ourselves and our customers.” His thoughtful approach to his work plan, coupled with ambitious standards, ensures that our customers receive the highest value from our services. Mike’s intentional recommendations and trust-building actions perfectly align with our commitment to going the extra mile for both clients and team members.

Mark Wilson: The Customer Impact Award Winner

Mark Wilson, our Senior PKI Consultant, has made an indelible mark on our customers and our team since joining PKI Solutions. He goes above and beyond to create a positive impact, consistently delivering exceptional service, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Mark’s contributions align seamlessly with our company value of “Relentless drive for the success of ourselves and our customers.” His relentless commitment to customer success is evident in the positive feedback we receive. Clients commend his technical skills, people skills, and leadership in service design and workshop content.

Our customers are not just satisfied; they are enthusiastic advocates, referring other clients to us after experiencing Mark’s exceptional service. Mark Wilson exemplifies what it means to be a driving force behind the success of both himself and our customers.

Celebrating Excellence in Line with Our Values

At PKI Solutions, our company values are not just words; they are principles that guide our actions. Both Mike Bruno and Mark Wilson embody these values, making them exemplary representatives of our commitment to quality, drive, balance, collaboration, curiosity, and evangelism of PKI.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mike and Mark for their well-deserved recognition. They inspire us all to reach higher, work smarter, and embody the values that define PKI Solutions.

Thank you for being a part of our journey towards excellence at PKI Solutions.

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