Hidden switches of Certutil.exe and Certreq.exe

Hey Kids, Rock and Roll! Two of the most reliable toolsets in Windows for the last two decades have been the tandem of certutil.exe and certreq.exe. It’s no secret there are a wealth of very useful functions exposed in the basic usage of these tools, also documented publicly here: certutil.exe public documentation certreq.exe public documentation…

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New Online PKI Training Courses Are a Deep Dive into Public Key Infrastructure: Critical for IT Security, IoT, 5G, and SHAKEN/STIR

PKI Training at Work with PKI Solutions

Why Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)? A PKI is the core of IT for enterprises, supporting network authentication, data encryption, code signing and secure email. In addition, in the next two years, 42 percent of Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as temperature sensors, televisions, and smart vehicles will rely primarily on digital certificates for identification…

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